TV Club: Bloodline: “Part 2”

Danny Rayburn’s return to the Keys has uncovered old wounds, quite literally and figuratively. When a kayaking accident lands Robert in the hospital with head trauma, the Rayburn siblings all process in different ways. Kevin—exposed here as the family hot head—immediately thinks Danny, who was with their dad at the time of the accident, had a deliberate hand in it. Meg thinks there’s no way their brother hurt their dad, and looks for assurance from John, who lies somewhere in the middle, not as convinced as Kevin that malice was at play but also doubting enough to do some investigative work into the situation.

Even though uncertainty shrouds the accident, Bloodline doesn’t use it for cheap thrills. In fact, when we finally see the the full retelling of the accident, we see that nothing all that crazy happened. Just as Danny said, Robert simply collapsed …

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