TV Club: Bloodline: “Part 13”

All along, Bloodline begged viewers for patience. Between the nonlinear story structure and John’s foreboding voiceovers, the writers promised that things would all come together eventually. The show’s slow pacing became its strength and its defect: The careful storytelling made for a restrained and gritty drama, but it also made binge-watching feel like a tedious chore.

As I expected, now that I have all the pieces in front of me, it’s easier to appreciate the narrative and emotional intricacies of the series than it was when I was just looking at individual episodes. The past is immensely important to every single episode of Bloodline, almost acting like a character itself, manifesting in physical form through visions and memories. Present-day Sally watches her past self pack her bags in the same room with her. A young Danny sits in the back of present-day John’s car. An adult …

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