TV Club: Bloodline: “Part 12”

Somewhere between the very fraught “Part 11” and this penultimate episode, Bloodline lost its steam. “Part 12” technically picks up right where the previous episode left off, with John and Diana interrogating Jane about exactly what happened on the boat with Danny. But the first half of the episode meanders in a way Bloodline can sometimes do when the pieces aren’t quite lined up yet. The emotional urgency doesn’t come until 30 minutes, when the show turns back into the high-stakes thriller/family drama hybrid seen last episode.

We knew the body found in the inn wasn’t going to be Danny’s. But creators Todd A. Kessler, Glenn Kessler, and Daniel Zelman—who collectively penned the episode—build suspense by really making us believe that John believes Danny is dead. Carl Franklin’s direction also lends to the believability of John’s assumption, with the cameras hovering …

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