TV Club: Bloodline: “Part 11”

Over time, Sarah Rayburn’s seahorse necklace has become one of the most important symbols on Bloodline. Watching the show can sometimes feel like a slogging process, but since the beginning, the writers have expertly used imagery and symbols to convey the overall tone of the series as well as specific emotions for its characters. Hell, even the setting is one big symbol: a beautiful seaside hotel surrounded by mangroves that hide all sorts of dangers like bodies and gators and stolen gas cans. The beauty of the Keys sharply contrasts the ugly truths of the Rayburn family. The seahorse necklace, which has appeared in almost every episode since the pilot, initially simply represented Sarah Rayburn. But as we find out in “Part 11,” it’s even darker than that: To Danny, that necklace isn’t just a personal artifact that reminds him of his sister. It reminds him of …

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