TV Club: Bloodline mechanically meanders through plot in season two’s penultimate episode

Every once in awhile, Bloodline does an episode that amounts to a lot of the characters talking about the same shit over and over and over. “Part 22,” the penultimate episode of an uneven but largely impressive second season, should propel us into the finale with a sense of urgency, with meaning and—if not necessarily with literal action—then with the kind of compelling character moments that really hook. Bloodline has turned up short on those moments in a few episodes of season two, and this is one of them. For most of “Part 22,” the characters are just one step behind one another, leading to a lot of filling in and catching up. At this point, as the audience, we have just about all of the pieces in our hands. Now, the characters are catching up. Bloodline was able to make this kind of dramatic irony work in …

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