TV Club: Blood must not have blood on The 100

For most of its run, The 100 has managed to deftly balance a plethora of tones. In its earliest episodes the show was little more than a space-aged Lord Of The Flies, complete with teenage drama and arguments about survival. One stab in the neck later and the show shifted to something a little different, something darker. Since then, The 100 has only gone further into the darkness. Make no mistake though; the reason this show so often succeeds, as it did throughout much of its second season, is not because it’s gritty or violent, but because it’s visceral. At its best, The 100 hits you in the gut with sadness, joy, desperation, anguish, love. What further elevates the show is that those feelings are tied to complicated musings on themes of power, morality, and loyalty. When The 100 works, it’s because it’s showing how emotions …

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