TV Club: Blindspot’s most regrettable tattoo yields its most memorable episode

Relationships with television shows are like relationships with people. Sometimes it’s mad, hopeless love at first sight, and you know that a show just understands you and shares your values, and other times you get used to a show over time and say “Y’know, you’re not half bad.” If given the choice, nearly everyone will choose the former experience over the latter, but both are beautiful in their own way. I didn’t get Blindspot at first, and I’m not completely sure I get it now, but over the past few episodes I’ve begun to tune into its wavelength. And part of that is just accepting what Blindspot is and what it isn’t, but the show has also just grown more confident and , and “Authentic Flirt” is its high-water mark.

“Authentic Flirt” is crazy fun and even manages to pack an emotional punch, which …

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