TV Club: Blindspot fails to make a lasting first impression

Blindspot is the most interesting new broadcast show of the fall, but unfortunately, most of what makes it interesting is frittered away within the first five minutes of the pilot. Even those generally skeptical towards Blindspot‘s premise—and that’s a reasonable position to take—must admit the cold open is more visually arresting and narratively intriguing than anything else the networks have put forth this fall. If your job is to cut together a trailer for a new show, Blindspot is a dream come true.

It’s hard to create a mesmerizing, honest-to-goodness WTF moment on television these days, and Blindspot commands attention in its first few seconds. The sequence with a nude, tattooed Jane Doe slowly climbing out of a duffel bag in a deserted Times Square deserves all the attention it’s gotten. The problem with creating an amazing opening for a television show is that …

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