TV Club: Blindspot commits to its mysteries in an intriguing episode

Blindspot creator Martin Gero has been remarkably bullish about his show in interviews, first declaring there are enough tattoos on Jane Doe’s body to fuel 10 network-sized seasons of television, then claiming the larger significance behind the tattoos could theoretically be solved by anyone who paid close enough attention to the pilot episode. If Gero is to be taken at his word, it means he’s given a lot of thought to both the short game and the long game where Blindspot is concerned. He claims to have a solid framework for the first three seasons, but apparently thinks there’s much more story to tell before the show reaches its endgame, which sounds fairly thought out.

Television producers are famous for making these kinds of proclamations only to fall short of their promises. It would be easy to put Blindspot in the “great promise squandered” category based on …

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