TV Club: Blaine gets taught who’s Boss on iZombie

For about three quarters of the episode, “Eternal Sunshine Of The Caffeinated Mind” is a fairly standard episode of iZombie, then for the final quarter it loses its damn mind. It’s an interesting way to structure an episode, akin to taking a leisurely stroll and then suddenly and unexpectedly falling off a cliff—if it’s possible to fall off a cliff in a good way, that is. There’s still way too much plot to adequately keep track of, but iZombie is still by far the most entertaining, crazy, plot-stuffed show out there.

The standard part of the episode is the case of the week, which doesn’t stray very far from its very familiar story beats throughout. When a pathologically positive coffee shop owner is killed by a falling air conditioning unit someone pushes out of a window, the suspects bounce from her ex who owns a …

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