TV Club: Black Mirror returns, please swipe right

For the first thirty minutes, I thought I wasn’t going to make it. There’s nothing overtly horrific in “Nosedive,” unless you have a fear of pastels; but the episode’s premise, which shows a society locked into a perpetual cycle of likes, star ratings, and faux Facebook charm, is about as pure as nightmare fuel gets. For me, anyway, and I doubt I’m alone. For its first half, the premiere episode of the newest season of Black Mirror has the series at its most unsettling and its most predictable—oh look, it’s another world where developing technology has allowed humanity to indulge in its shallowest impulses. And god, isn’t it terrible how everyone is always looking at their phones instead of, y’know, talking to each other?

The second half of “Nosedive” doesn’t exactly contradict this, but it does allow for some breathing room …

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