TV Club: Black Mirror finds love (and a great episode) in a hopeful place

Throughout its three seasons, Black Mirror has been consistent on a single idea: technology is a trap. Sure, the shiny new toys we develop and buy and bring into our homes might not be inherently evil, but each new freedom they allow us is just another opportunity for the human mind to tie itself into knots. In Charlie Brooker’s malignant worldview, that app you just downloaded is always going to bring out the worst in you. It’s a perspective that speaks to a deep fear in nearly everyone, a conservative terror of change that imagines life as a perpetual series of binary choices, a constant stream of ladies-or-tigers that, sooner or later, is going to turn us all into lunch. If new technology is an opportunity to change the world, there’s no guarantee we won’t be changing tor the worse. We are the race the made …

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