TV Club: Black-ish struggles with women’s issues

“Manternity” is an episode that reveals one of Black-ish‘s few shortcomings. The show has never had an issue combining comedy and the politics of race, but it’s never really attempted to turn its critical eye towards black women or feminism. With Dre as the show’s central mouthpiece, it’s not surprising that these issues rarely get the spotlight they deserve. Season two’s “Johnson & Johnson” is perhaps the show’s closest episode to anything addressing feminism as Bow and Dre clash over wives taking their husbands’ last names. “Manternity,” however, is more blatantly political since it tries to address the issues women face balancing pregnancy and work life. While this would be a great opportunity to let Bow lead the plot, she somehow feels secondary to Dre’s conflict over paternity leave. The two plots don’t quite intersect enough to feel like a singular A-plot …

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