TV Club: Black-ish: “Sex, Lies and Vasectomies”

Not to state the obvious but I’m going to totally state the obvious: Sitcoms, particularly ones that focus on family/marriages, live and die on ridiculous misunderstandings. It’s why it’s so necessary to suspend your disbelief while watching them because, if not, it’s impossible to not spend a half-hour yelling “Just tell the truth!” at your television screen. “Sex, Lies and Vasectomies” is about just that: A couple’s misunderstanding that gets deeper and deeper because each person is more willing to up the ante, to further elaborate on a lie, and to challenge the other to come clean all instead of just telling the truth. Fortunately, Black-ish pulls off the typical sitcom antics without coming off as boring or repetitive—and the “Husband Lies About Getting A Vasectomy” trope is definitely overdone and, personally, one of my least favorite sitcom plots.

When Rainbow’s period …

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