TV Club: Black-ish returns to take on the n-word and it wins

Last Fall, ABC’s decision to bring more diversity to its family comedy slate saw the series premieres of Black-ish and Fresh Off The Boat, two shows that were a long time coming. They were shows that proved there was a place in the mainstream for intelligent, funny sitcoms about people who didn’t quite look like the ones you’d see on ABC’s (or any major network’s) other sitcoms. Both series were renewed for second seasons, and here we are now: We’re witnessing an honest, funny, and realistic (despite the sitcom conventions) conversation about the n-word and who can or cannot say it in the season premiere of an ABC sitcom that airs after Modern Family.

One of the episodes of Black-ish I reviewed last season was “Black Santa/White Christmas,” the episode that dropped the “black people can’t be racist” bomb. Like many topics …

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