TV Club: Black-ish returns to see if certain stereotypes “Sink Or Swim”

Black-ish is back from winter break, and naturally, it dives right back into the deep end with “Sink Or Swim.” Yes, that terrible pun is very much needed—consider it an icebreaker before getting into stereotype talk, the bread and butter of this episode. What starts as an episode all about stereotypes about black people and swimming turns into an episode about stereotypes across the board. And it’s for the best, as an episode entirely about Dre going into full Dre mode would be quite the acerbic way to bring the show back from a break. Instead, everyone goes into full Johnson mode, for better or worse, given the subject matter. And that is also just as rough as it sounds.

Of course Dre immediately takes offense to Janine—a character we’re all aware the Johnsons dislike—not inviting them to her weekly pool party presumably because they …

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