TV Club: Black-ish: “Parental Guidance”

Black-ish already has such a good cast within the Johnson family, a rare occurrence where every family member is perfectly cast and talented (even the younger children!), that it’s definitely going to be a gamble when outsiders invade the household. Will they add to the Johnson family and fit in with the preestablished dynamic or take away from the episode’s plot? In “Parental Guidance,” we not only get the much-welcome return of Laurence Fishburne as Pops and another visit from Ruby (Jenifer Lewis) but we’re also introduced to Rainbow’s parents: her black mother Alicia (Anna Deveare Smith) and her white father Paul (Beau Bridges). Everyone easily fits into the energetic, wise-cracking, weird, and occasionally quick-tempered household, resulting in an episode that’s funny from beginning to end, even though everything basically gets shrugged away.

Andre and Rainbow are celebrating 15 years of marriage—though Zoey is …

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