TV Club: Black-ish: “Martin Luther Skiing Day”

It’s Martin Luther King Day on Black-ish and the obsessive, overzealous, obnoxious but ultimately well-meaning aspect of Andre’s personality has returned in full force. Every year, the Johnsons celebrate MLK weekend with a family ski trip, this year, including Junior’s (white) best friend Zach (whose family usually spends that weekend teaching literacy at the local prison; “They’re white. They have to do extra credit”) and Andre’s coworker Charlie (Deon Cole). What is a supposed to be a simple, relaxing skip trip quickly becomes anything but when Andre realizes that Junior doesn’t know as much about black history as he should. The vacation group splits into two cars—Andre, Junior, Zach and Charlie in one and Rainbow, Zoey, Jack and Diane in the other—with a competition to see who will know the most black history by the end of the drive.

At first, Andre …

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