TV Club: Black-ish looks at its own self-righteousness

Black-ish is back after a short break! “ToysRn’tUs” is a great return to form for the show. It feels like a typical Black-ish episode––Dre and Bow get caught up in a political fury while the kids do their own thing––but, “ToysRn’tUs” turns Black-ish‘s critical eye on itself. After Diane receives a white doll for her birthday, Dre and Bow are motivated to do something about the lack of black representation around them. They both have good intentions, but in typical sitcom fashion, their own issues are driving them more than their actual desire for change. Bow constantly has her career undermined and seeing the many white female doctor dolls on display only encourages her place as an outsider. Dre, on the other hand, recognizes that his job puts him in a rare position to actually put diversity on display.

While this episode seems like another …

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