TV Club: Black-ish: “Law of Attraction”

First things first: Laurence Fishburne is back! Rejoice! I know that he’s busy pulling double duty on Hannibal and that his Black-ish character isn’t the most important (in fact, I love that he never overtakes the episodes but mostly hangs around for quick quips) but his absence has definitely been felt in these last few episodes. So it was great to see him return—and to get an actual, fleshed out storyline!—but it’s a bit bittersweet considering the episode wasn’t great, but just OK.

Still, it’s nice to have Black-ish back after that too-long winter break, even if the episode was a dud in comparison to the hot streak it’s been on. Much of “Law of Attraction” focuses on just that: the various and uncontrollable laws that control how or why we are attracted to someone. In a glorious flashback featuring glorious hair …

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