TV Club: Black-ish has a little ditty about Jack and Diane (and product placement)

If nothing else, “Twindependence” will and should be remembered as the episode of Black-ish that finally addressed the Mellencamp-based origins of Jack and Diane’s names. And in doing so, it gets Tracee Ellis Ross to “sing” the iconic guitar part of the song, which is an absolute win in any context. Actually, everything she does in this episode is an absolute win, but at this point, that’s a given. As for the episode itself, “Twindependence” finds itself on a more clearly-defined path than last week’s great-but-slightly-off “Sink Or Swim.”.It’s not a risk-taking episode of Black-ish, but it is an episode of Black-ish, which at the very least allows it to be a moderately funny episode of television.

“Twindependence” asks and answers a lot of “what if”s, and that appears to be the driving force of the episode more than anything else. What if Jack …

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