TV Club: Black-ish: “Elephant In The Room”

At a magazine job I once had, everyone worked late on Fridays, so at some point in the publication’s history, the union demanded the company pay for dinner. Friday night dinner, a somewhat fancy affair held in a formal dining room, became a weekly version of an office holiday party, where higher-ups mingled with peons, free wine flowed, and people tried to avoid saying stupid things everyone remembered once they sobered up. At one such dinner, an extremely awkward situation arose at my table of five, at which I was the only black person. One of the summer interns talked about a terrible moviegoing experience she had, then looked me dead in the eye and asked why black people talk so much at the movies. That moment when a hush falls and a single piece of flatware lands loudly on a plate? It was that.

I wasn’t offended …

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