TV Club: Black Claw brings ritual killing to Portland as Grimm’s war becomes more insidous

One of the reasons why Grimm‘s introduction of the Black Claw has been so important for this world is the fact that it’s dragging out into broad daylight things that have long been confined to the shadows. Over the last few seasons, the bulk of Nick’s efforts have attempted to turn away from the executioner side of his Grimm heritage, maintaining a status quo to ensure that both wesen and non-wesen are able to exist in peace. Admirable as those efforts were, they’re still efforts that depended on keeping the general population ignorant and placed most of the burden on the wesen, hiding their real faces and further homogenizing centuries-old cultures under the umbrella of the Wesen Council.

The uneasiness of that status quo is on full display in “Star-Crossed,” which takes a familiar move out of the show’s playbook—barbaric wesen ritual in modern …

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