TV Club Binge: Transparent provides the Pfeffermans no easy answers

Welcome to The A.V. Club’s Transparent binge-watch. From Friday, December 11 through Sunday, December 13, A.V. Club contributor Shelby Fero will be watching and reviewing every episode of Transparent’s second season. Though she’s working straight through the season, she’ll be taking some breaks, too, posting three reviews on Friday, four reviews on Saturday, and three reviews on Sunday. You can weigh in on this episode here, discuss the whole season on our binge-watching hub page, and track her Pfefferman-addled mindset on Twitter (@shelbyfero).

Whether asked or left unsaid, no one can find an answer to their questions. At the doctor’s office, Maura’s thrown by a series of questions regarding the technicalities of her transition: Does she want breasts? Gender reassignment surgery? Does she top or bottom during sex? Overwhelmed, she asks for time, to which her doctor gently suggests that she should …

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