TV Club Binge: Sweet Christmas! It’s the Luke Cage season finale

Welcome to The A.V. Club’s Luke Cage binge-watch. From Friday, September 30 through Sunday, October 2, A.V. Club contributor Caroline Siede will be watching and reviewing every episode of the Marvel series’ first season.You can follow along and comment on the whole season on the binge-watching hub page or chime in on the individual episode reviews. For those watching at a more moderate pace, reviews by Ali Barthwell will run every other day beginning Monday, October 3.

When it comes to Luke Cage‘s first season, there’s before Cottonmouth and there’s after Cottonmouth. Though it moved at a slower pace, the first half of the season felt purposeful and alive, thanks largely to the ways in which Luke and Cottonmouth kept dancing around one another and around Harlem. The second half, however, struggled to recapture that same magic with Diamondback.

“Guys let’s take …

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