TV Club Binge: Rory faces a rude “Spring” awakening as Gilmore Girls continues its Year In The Life

Welcome to our “Binge Watch” coverage of Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life, where Myles McNutt will be covering the entirety of the Netflix revival over the course of Friday, November 25. Starting on Monday, Gwen Ihnat will be offering some more in-depth reviews of each episode—posting every other day—for those operating at a more moderate pace.

(Mostly) freed from the shackles of exposition, “Spring” gets to dive into exploring the stakes of A Year In The Life in greater detail.

Now that we understand how Luke and Lorelai have lived their lives for the past nine years, we understand that they have become effectively stuck in time. The familiarity of their relationship may seem comforting at first, returning to the show as we are, but here we start to see the tensions that emerge. Does Luke, in fact, want something bigger than his small town diner …

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