TV Club Binge: Gilmore Girls tests its range in a “Summer” staging of Stars Hollow: The Musical

Welcome to our “Binge Watch” coverage of Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life, where Myles McNutt will be covering the entirety of the Netflix revival over the course of Friday, November 25. Starting on Monday, Gwen Ihnat will be offering some more in-depth reviews of each episode—posting every other day—for those operating at a more moderate pace.

When “Summer” begins, Rory is back in Stars Hollow—well, according to everyone but Rory. She keeps insisting that she’s just back temporarily, but the townspeople know the score: they’ve seen the “Thirtysomething Gang”—hey, Ginny!—and they know how many people go through what Rory is going through. Rory is not special for experiencing turmoil at this point in her life, unsure of what to do next—however, like so many, she believes herself to be special, and believes there is something deeper for her out there …

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