TV Club Binge: Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life (re)starts with a warm “Winter” welcome

Welcome to our “Binge Watch” coverage of Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life, where Myles McNutt will be covering the entirety of the Netflix revival over the course of Friday, November 25. Starting on Monday, Gwen Ihnat will be offering some more in-depth reviews of each episode—posting every other day—for those operating at a more moderate pace.

Near the end of “Winter,” Gypsy spots Lorelai in Stars Hollow’s town square, and informs her that her car is finally fixed. Lorelai is still driving her trusty Jeep (which already broke down and had its engine replaced in season seven), despite Gypsy’s insistence she should buy a new car, and so the trusted mechanic encourages Lorelai to hurry—the car is still idling, as Gypsy is afraid it won’t start again.

I had the same fear for Gilmore Girls. Nearly a decade has passed since Gilmore …

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