TV Club Binge: A stylish premiere kicks off our Jessica Jones binge-watch

This weekend, A.V. Club contributor Caroline Siede is watching all of the first season of Marvel’s Jessica Jones on Netflix. After she’s finished with an episode, she’ll post a quick response. Though she’s working straight through the season, she’ll be taking some breaks, too, posting five reviews on Friday, four reviews on Saturday, and four reviews on Sunday. Weigh in on this episode in the comments below or discuss the whole season on our binge-watching hub page.

“AKA Ladies Night” (season one, episode one)

“None of it is your fault.” That’s what superpowered PI Jessica Jones tells the young woman she’s just rescued from the clutches of a mind-controlling psychopath. The scene called to mind my favorite recurring moment in Law & Order: SVU: A rape victim starts to question whether they should have screamed or fought back and Detective Olivia Benson …

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