TV Club: Billions goes all-in on its most intriguing new character

Toxic masculinity has been Billions‘ blue chip stock since day one, regardless of the show’s occasional feints toward self-awareness on this front (such as the Guy Movie one-liners the characters are always hurling at each other). Even the women are usually willing participants in the dick-measuring contests that define workplace culture at both Axe Capital and the US Attorney’s office. For its second season, however, Billions has embedded a self-critique into Bobby Axelrod’s office in the gender non-binary person of Taylor (Asia Kate Dillon).

In both writing and performance, Taylor is presented as the Vulcan on the bridge of Axe’s Enterprise. They (Taylor’s preferred pronoun and the one I’ll use despite the risk of singular/plural confusion) don’t buy into the testosterone-poisoned culture at all, or even the more generalized high-pitched emotion of their co-workers. Taylor is analytical and precise, connecting dots that …

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