TV Club: Big Time In Hollywood, FL: “What Dreams May Come”

In just its first six episodes, Big Time In Hollywood, FL already managed to run the Dolfe brothers through a a gamut of emotions (and intense experiences). They’ve gone from terrified for what it means to become adults, to afraid for their lives for kind of killing a man, to excited to get new opportunities in “the biz,” to deep hatred for each other to a lot more. At any point in Big Time In Hollywood, FL, Ben and Jack are experiencing some sort of creative, emotional attention deficit disorder that somehow doesn’t make them absolute cartoon characters and can even make them sympathetic (but also downright despicable) at times.

Because of these ups and downs, it’s almost easy to forget that this all started because Ben and Jack wanted to extort $20,000 from their parents as a result of them finally being kicked out of …

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