TV Club: Big Time In Hollywood, FL: “Monkey Largo”

One thing Big Time In Hollywood, FL has consistently done well is deliver on the promise of excitement and genuine episode quality of its episode promos. That is somehow still far too much of a rarity in TV and movies, but that is a tangent for another day. “Monkey Largo” more than delivers on the promise of the episode promo from last week, as it gives the audience 20-plus minutes of the type of hilariously bizarre action that highlights how strong—and fully-formed—of a show Big Time In Hollywood, FL is in just eight episodes (and has been even before that).

From the moment the episode begins with the opening scene from Monkey Largo the movie, there’s nothing that can bring it down from such a high. Even with a real film budget, the Dolfe brothers have absolutely no idea what they’re doing, whether it’s in …

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