TV Club: Big Time In Hollywood, FL: “Art Imitates Death”

If you view Big Time In Hollywood, FL as a story about a broken family and the trials and tribulations they go through in order to repair their unit, then “Art Imitates Death” is the perfect happy ending. The Dolfe brothers have the time of their lives, having no regrets, their father (and The World’s #1 Bald Asshole) comes to their aid, and their mother finally gets the one big happy family she dreamed of (sort of—at least they got jobs… sort of). The Dolfe family is stronger than ever at the end of “Art Imitates Death,” which as least makes the versions of Jack and Ben who wanted to extort $20,000 from their parents for kicking them out of the house a thing of the past. After everything that goes down in this season finale, they have millions of dollars (in their father’s business account …

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