TV Club: Big Time In Hollywood, FL: “A Night In”

After last week’s action-packed episode, “To Catch A Paparazzi” (an episode of television featuring both Gooding brothers), “A Night In” has a high bar to clear, just in terms of keeping up the pace and possibly taking things to an even crazier level. It’s a lofty goal, because “To Catch A Paparazzi” was legitimately a cocaine-fueled nightmarish hellscape. By the time the “actual” To Catch A Paparazzi shooting rolls around, the episode has to end soon, because there’s no way it can possibly keep this nonsense rollercoaster rising.

Then Scoles kidnaps Jack, Ben, and Del, and we’re into “A Night In.”

What’s important to acknowledge about “A Night In” is that it doesn’t top “To Catch A Paparazzi” in terms of insanity, because it neither needs nor wants to. Both are absolutely fantastic episodes in their own right, the two best of the series …

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