TV Club: Big Time In Hollwood, FL: “Separate But Equal”

Even only six episodes in, it should comes as no surprise that Big Time In Hollywood, FL is bold enough to title an episode “Separate But Equal.” In its defense, that does describe the broken down states of both Ben and Jack, who are now no longer partners in metaphorical and literal crime but are still finding themselves in hell on Earth. After last week’s episode ending, with Ben simply telling his parents “I’m clean” and coming back into their lives, this week’s episode opening (not counting the Cuba Gooding Jr. stuff) is about him “proving” to them that he is clean and what that means. They’re happy to hear him talk of becoming an adult and one day giving them grandchildren, even so much that it distracts them from thinking about how much more money they just lost in sending him to rehab (though Alan …

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