TV Club: Big Match John is back to save Raw, but nobody can save Raw right now

When WWE turned out a profoundly dull Monday Night Raw last week, they admittedly had a pretty good excuse. In fact, they had two: it was only a few days before the holidays, and the show was largely dedicated to the Slammys. Those excuses don’t exempt the show from criticism, but it’s at least some context for why WWE maybe phoned it in for a week. So, with that said, what’s the company’s excuse this week? This week’s Raw is, in many ways, worse than last weeks Slammy Awards; at least that show had a structure, no matter how contrived or silly. This week though, nearly the entire three-hour show flails in the wind, everything meaningless, boring, and inconsequential.

There’s a few minutes at the top of the show where things look promising. Vince McMahon’s music hits and, after taking last week off …

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