TV Club: Big dreams and one bouncy red ball on The Venture Bros.

One of the main reasons for The Venture Bros. continued success is the specificity of its references. While the show is willing to go for the obvious target when appropriate, Jackon Publick and Doc Hammer have a deep abiding love for a very specific brand of nerd culture—and I hesitate to even call it “nerd culture,” given how personal it seems to be. When St. Cloud monologue about how the red ball he stole from Billy Quizboy and Pete White basically helped create the present, the touchstones he references paint a certain picture. It’s not something everyone will directly relate to (confession: I really can’t stand John Hughes movies), but the passion that drives the writing, as self-aware and funny as it is, makes it universal. In an age where “geek” has come to be an increasingly generic term, there’s something refreshing about how little the …

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