TV Club: Better Call Saul, “RICO”

The more we learn about Jimmy McGill, the more we recognize the many dimensions of heartbreak Gilligan and Gould have devised for us. This week’s painful lesson: Jimmy McGill is the hardest working lawyer in the business. He will doggedly pursue any opportunity, even when the rewards are meager (like the $140 per will he’s stringing together in his elder law practice). And when there’s a case that needs building, he will trudge miles into the desert or dive into the most disgusting dumpster to get the evidence he needs.

His work ethic, we discover in a devastating opening flashback, goes all the way back to his days in the mailroom at HHM, where he worked his way through law school by correspondence and passed the bar on his third try—never letting on to anyone except Kim, whose example inspired him. But it’s also in …

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