TV Club: Better Call Saul orders up a Pollos Classic with extra salsa

Last week I began my review by talking about the pleasure of watching Mike Ehrmantraut at work. This week shows us Jimmy and Chuck at work—at Mike’s work, that is, super-secret spy stuff. The contrast, dear readers, is delightful. And all the more so for the juxtaposition taking place not in the same episode where we watched Mike methodically tracking his trackers, but a whole week later.

Let’s talk about Chuck’s rickety ploy first, because it’s the one whose prologue I missed on my first viewing of “Mabel.” As many alert commenters pointed out, the whole Ernesto-hears-the-tape scene was a staged performance by Chuck, designed to send Ernie running to Jimmy with the news that a tape exists, so that Jimmy would (the way Chuck imagined it) break into Chuck’s house to steal the tape. Accordingly, Chuck’s gotten Howard to fund round-the-clock investigators …

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