TV Club: Better Call Saul, “Bingo”

“What are you doing?” Mike asks, as Jimmy places the cash he got from the Kettlemans into the drawstring bag with the rest of the $1.6 million embezzlement proceeds. “The right thing,” Jimmy says. But it’s how he says it that tells us where we are in the Education of Jimmy McGill. He says it with air quotes, with a sardonic regret tinged with resignation. He refers to “the right thing” like it’s a concept somebody else owns.

What is “the right thing”? The people Jimmy cares about have strong opinions about that. For Chuck, it’s making a personal sacrifice for a greater good. When Jimmy visits his brother, he finds him outside, trying to build up his tolerance for electromagnetic fields. With no help for his condition on the horizon, Chuck has decided that his only alternative to life as a hermit is to acclimate …

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