TV Club: Better Call Saul, “Alpine Shepherd Boy”

I don’t think Jimmy’s plan to advertise via local news media originally had a second phase. When he got those seven voicemail messages, well, mission accomplished. Potential clients were calling; now it was on to step 3: honest profit. Chuck, on the other hand, isn’t a big fan of lawyers advertising, stunts or no stunts. Not only is it hardly dignified, but as Jimmy finds out in this episode, the kinds of clients it attracts are a motley bunch. There’s your crackpots, represented by libertarian secessionist Ricky Sipes. Then there are the misunderstood geniuses, like the unwitting inventor of a fetish toilet (“Ooooh, you’re so big! Fill me up, Chandler, put it in me!”). And finally, the elderly who are looking for a little company while they distribute their priceless collections of Hummel figurines amongst their relations.

Just advertising isn’t enough. You need to …

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