TV Club: Bertie and Gus go on a date only a 9/11 truther could love

How we watch Love has been as much of the conversation about Love as what is actually in Love. It is, like Jessica Jones before, it a show that is meant to be watched binged. The story moves deliberately, and episodes make considerably more sense when paired with each other rather than when they stand alone. I have not binge watched the show because I would rather write a review of what I’ve seen rather than have my opinion colored by what the audience – that would be you guys! – likely has not yet seen. So I have the benefit of letting episodes marinate before going onto the next one. For me, at least, the binge-nature of the show is a detriment to me. Episodes get better for me as I think about them (see: “Party in the Hills”). But “The Date” was the first episode that I liked immediately …

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