TV Club: Being stuck on the floor doesn’t stop Grace And Frankie from having fun

Grace And Frankie always makes the most of its simple sets, and “The Floor” is a striking example of how the writers and actors can get so much mileage out of a narratively simple premise, elevated by smart directing choices from Rebecca Asher. After throwing their backs in the first scene, Grace and Frankie spend the entire episode on the floor. Asher adds some artfulness to the playfulness of the setup, with aerial shots of Frankie sprawled out on the floor that evoke the calm but helpless nature of her predicament. Grace and Frankie’s bodies are lifeless throughout “The Floor”—a slow-motion race to the phone is the most action they get—but the episode is anything but.

Their injuries bring out their clashing personalities. Grace and Frankie are back to being best friends after their brief but intense breakup last episode, but they still are as polarizing as …

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