TV Club: Being a mom doesn’t always suck on Better Things

Like much of Better Things‘ run, “Future Fever” is a complicated episode that I like the more I think about it. I tend to like each episode on first watch. But as they percolate in my brain, I like them even more, teasing out each episode’s complexities and subtleties. Better Things can be half watched, and still enjoyed as a comedy. There are the easy gags: when Sam, Max, and the miserable blind date all simultaneously “ew” at the IPA lover hitting on Max, when Phil walks into Sam’s house in her bra and accusing her daughter of wine theft. But this is a show that doesn’t tend to lay everything bare, and that ‘s a luxury that a lot of television — grabbing each and every viewer with as much flash as it can — doesn’t have or care to take.

A lot of Better Things has …

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