TV Club: Before it can show No Mercy, SmackDown! Live plays it safe

The other week, I pointed out how SmackDown! Live technically created a better go-home show for No Mercy than RAW did for Clash Of Champions without even needing to. So of course the actual SmackDown! Live go-home show for No Mercy isn’t at that same quality level. But even this average go-home show still gets the job done.

Like the matches this week, this SmackDown! Live is really anything special, but everything clearly serves a purpose, and it sells No Mercy the way it should—by telling simple stories that make the audience want to see the matches and without burning the audience out from the overexposure of characters and feuds. No more, no less. As much as the past couple of years of WWE has conditioned and kind of spoiled the audience to expect at least one great match a show, that’s not as sustainable on SmackDown …

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