TV Club: Battlestar Galactica regains its focus in two strong episodes

“The Captain’s Hand” (season 2, episode 17; originally aired 2/17/2006)

Let’s all welcome the latest addition to the Battlestar Galactica cast: the great John Heard, playing the not so great (but a decent guy in the end) Commander Barry Garner. Best not to get too attached to him, though. Like every Pegasus commander before him, Garner pays the ultimate price. And if he leaves us faster than Cain or Fisk did, at least he gets to go out like a hero.

Not that he’s particularly likable before that. At times, Garner comes close to being a type the show has used before, a type that often crops up on television shows: the guest star who is less a character than a problem everyone else has to work around. (The original Star Trek was full of them.) He’s demanding, paranoid, and takes an immediate dislike …

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