TV Club: Battlestar Galactica lays down its burdens

“Lay Down Your Burdens, Parts 1 and 2” (season 2, episodes 19 & 20; originally aired 3/3/2006 and 3/10/2006)

I’ll be honest: what I really want to talk about is the time jump. When ”Lay Down Your Burdens, Part 2” aired, it was one of the most astonishing transitions I’d ever seen on television, and even now, after the novelty has worn off—after time jumps have become, if not common, than at least not entirely unheard of—the sequence of newly elected president Baltar lowering his head only to raise it one year later is so brilliant it still takes my breath away. There’s beauty in a well-crafted narrative. Battlestar Galactica regularly swung for the fences, and it arguably struck out nearly as often it succeeded, but when it connected… there really wasn’t anything like it. Still isn’t, not really …

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