TV Club: Battle Creek: “Mama’s Boy”

Tonight marks the end of regular coverage for Battle Creek, and I can’t imagine that comes as too much of a shock. As the show reaches the halfway point of its first—and, if the ratings are anything to go by, only—season, Battle Creek remains a stolidly mediocre show. Even some fun, reasonably high-profile guest appearances—Patton Oswalt last week, Candice Bergen this week—have only done so much to liven up the show. So then, since this is the end of the line for me as reviewer, it makes some sense to step back and look at the big picture to sort out just what’s wrong with this show. The temptation with any faltering show is to say that it has potential, particularly one with this show’s pedigree: Seriously, have you heard Vince Gilligan (sort of) created this? It’s especially easy to cling to …

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