TV Club: Bates Motel’s men get to know the new Norma Bates

Accepting Norman Bates as he is has always been the only way to get him to accept you in return. Anyone who starts to look askance at him is judged harshly, even long before the Norma/n persona fully manifested. That’s why Emma was such a dear friend: Even when she was confused or upset by his actions, she never expected him to be anything other than who he was. When people start to accuse Norman of bad faith, or become too nosy about his inner life, that’s when he lashes out—first at strangers, than progressively at those closer, until finally even Norma, the real Norma, was no longer trusted enough. But when his murder-suicide failed, all prior attempts at fitting in failed, and life become something…else, for him. His new friend Madeline doesn’t know it yet, but there’s always a ticking clock on …

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