TV Club: Bates Motel: “Unconscious”

Way back at the end of the very first episode of Bates Motel, over two years ago, Norma Bates and her son were dumping the body of her attempted rapist into the waters of White Pine Bay. Norma was feeling insecure and self-pitying, and Norman tried to cheer her up by explaining just how important she was. “I don’t ever want to live in a world without you,” he tells her. “You’re my family… my whole family, my whole… my whole life, my own self. You always have been. It’s like there’s a cord between our hearts.” “Honey,” his mother responds, “that’s… that’s from Jane Eyre.”

As we close out the third season of the show, Bates Motel is taking us back to that very first intimate moment, which not coincidentally also took place while sending a body to the bottom of the bay …

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